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Planning to come see us? GREAT!! Here is some information you might helpful in planning your visit. Wilson Rose Garden has something for everyone from leisurely strolls through the main garden, a family pincic in the pincnic area or a visit to our unique fragrence garden.


  • find us!    

    Physical Address:

    1800 Herring Ave,
    NC 27893,
    United States

    Map & Directions

  • garden admission

    Free. Always.

    Tours: Contact the Wilson Rose Garden at (252) 399 2166

    Service animals are permitted on Garden grounds. No pets, please

  • garden amenities


    Picnic tables are available.
    Restrooms are available Monday-Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM. Closed on Holidays.
    Adult and childern's water fountain available

  • garden etiquette


    As you stroll the grounds of WRG, please be mindful of the other guests in their visit. These etiquette guidelines respect habitats of creatures and plants that grace our Garden.

    Help preserve the Gardens serene atmosphere and maintain its unique and beautiful collections. Please refrain from climbing on trees and shrubs, picking fruits, walking in gardening beds, collecting plants, flowers, and feeding wildlife.

    Service animals are permitted on Garden grounds. No pets, please

    Please limit eating and drinking to designated picnic areas and place trash in recepticles.

    Bikes and skateboards are prohibited from the Garden proper.

    Smoking is prohibited on all grounds including the parking lots.

    Active sports and games (rollerblading, Frisbee, ball playing, swimming, fishing) are not permitted.

    Kindly refrain from playing in fountains, waterfalls and on sculptures .

    Please feel free to use Garden benches or chairs for resting.

  • quick contact

    Wilson Rose Garden, Wilson Operations Center

    Ph: (252) 399-2166

    Dawn until Dusk - Open every day of the year